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Hello Garage did a fantastic job, we were very impressed with the crew's professionalism, attention to detail and will be referring them to our family and...
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I had Hello Garage of Tulsa come out to my garage because the epoxy floor that was there when we...
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Tulsa's Trusted Garage Renovation Experts

Hello Garage of Tulsa is Tulsa, OK’s place to go for garage floor coatings and garage storage innovations. Installations by the Dream Team at Hello Garage of Tulsa only take about a day - and the products all come with lifetime guarantees. You can make your dreams come true fast and have peace of mind that they’ll hold up for your future!

Open up the possibilities in your garage! Call us today at 1-844-440-0928 or fill out the online form to get a free estimate. We proudly serve Tulsa, OK and areas nearby in Tulsa County.

Efficient garage renovation services in Tulsa

We perfect the parts of your garage that matter most. Garage floor coatings, garage shelving, garage cabinets and garage organization accessories can all impact the functionality of your garage.

All of our garage flooring and storage options install in about a day, providing you with the dependable, durable and elegant system of your dreams. Learn more about our products below:

  • Garage Flooring: Our Polyaspartic Floor Coating System is as durable and beautiful as granite and takes only 8 hours to install!
  • Garage Storage: With a beautiful and industrial-strength Storage System, you can have a space that you will be proud to show off and have confidence in for years to come.
  • Garage Accessories: Slatwall Sets and other accessories are customized to accommodate your lifestyle and adjust to your unique needs at a moment’s notice.

Garage Floor Coating Specialist Serving Tulsa

Epoxy coating can have all sorts of problems - and since it is susceptible to yellowing, cracking, hot tire pickup, chemical burns and more, it may not be the most reliable option for garage flooring. That’s why Hello Garage of Tulsa offers something even better! Our Garage Gurus searched high and low to find the best product for garage floors and lovingly crafted our Polyaspartic Floor Coating System. This incredible system offers the following benefits and more:

  • Granite-like appearance with eight beautiful color options
  • Resistant to UV rays, peeling, flaking and yellowing
  • Highly durable against chemical burns, hot-tire pickup, abrasions and more
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A quick-curing flooring & professional installation

Is your garage a dumping ground? This problem is more common than you think. But there is no reason to worry - take your garage from junk drawer to front door with the professional garage renovation services at Hello Garage of Tulsa! The solution to this problem often begins with better organization. Our state-of-the-art storage solutions are durable and fully adjustable, ensuring they fit your unique wants and needs for a lifetime.

You deserve a storage solution that suits your needs! Get in touch with us today or click below to schedule your free garage storage installation estimate in and around Tulsa, OK.

Job Stories From Tulsa, OK
Storage Solutions In Tulsa, OK

Amy's garage became a place of clutter and she was looking for a solution. She called Hello Garage of Tulsa, our Garage Gurus introduced her storage solutions and we helped her decide on the perfect fit. Our Dream Team installed vertical bike hooks, overhead storage and polyaspartic floors. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation! 

Perfect Finish For Garage In Tulsa, OK

Homeowners in Tulsa, OK were excited to add a few changes to their garage. Our Garage Gurus helped them decide on the perfect flooring solution to match their aesthetics. We installed Butter Pecan polyaspartic floors that created the perfect finish. This garage was ready to impress and handle any situation! Contact us and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation! 

Slatwall and Overhead Storage in Tulsa, OK

This customer was looking to do some spring cleaning and organize their garage. They chose Hello Garage's snickerdoodle slatwall and our heavy duty, powder coated overhead storage system. Professionally installed in just a few hours, they had their garage organized and looking amazing in no time! 

Slatwall and Overhead Storage in Tulsa, OK - Photo 1
Garage Appearance Upgrade In Tulsa, OK

Matt wanted to upgrade the appearance of his garage in Tulsa, OK. Hello Garage of Tulsa are experts at helping homeowners design the garage of their dreams. Our Garage gurus introduced Matt to our lines of storage and flooring solutions. We installed overhead lighting, shelving, overhead storage and polyaspartic flooring. Matt's garage looked brand new again! Contact us today for a free consultation! 

Improving Garages In Tulsa, OK

Homeowners in Tulsa, OK booked their free consultation using our easy online booking system. They wanted to improve the look of their home's garage and wanted the help of Hello Garage of Tulsa. As a result, we installed overhead lighting and a beautiful polyaspartic flooring system. Improve your garage by scheduling a free consultation today! 

Better Garage Floor Solutions In Tulsa, OK

Nice purchased a new home in Tulsa, OK and began prepping his garage floors for an upgrade. He has friends with painted garage floors but wanted something more durable. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Tulsa offer damage-resistant polyaspartic flooring in various colors. His garage floors would be ready to handle it all for years to come. Discover our better flooring solutions by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation today!

Start Your Garage Transformation In Tulsa, OK

When homeowners move into a new home, they usually add personal touches. Homeowners in Tulsa, OK closed on their home and wanted to improve the look of their new garage. Our Dream Team installed storage shelving and polyaspartic flooring that would leave their floors feeling brand new for years to come. Don't wait; start your garage improvements and schedule a free estimate with our crew! 

Be Proud Of Your Garage In Tulsa, OK

Garages are always a place where things collect and without the proper storage solutions, it can be a massive headache for homeowners. William and his family wanted to improve the look of their garage in Tulsa, OK, so they contacted our Garage Gurus. Hello Garage of Tulsa offers storage and flooring solutions that can transform any garage. We installed storage cabinets, a drop zone, shelving and polyaspartic flooring in Butter Pecan. This homeowner can now be proud of their home's garage. Start your garage transformation today by scheduling a free estimate! 

Upgrading An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating In Tulsa, OK

A customer in Tulsa, OK, has a brand new home, but the home builder's epoxy coating is peeling up, especially where the car tires rub. She also needs expert storage solutions. So we installed steel cabinets, shelving, a drop zone, a workbench, overhead storage and a Slat wall in the color Snickerdoodle. Our Dream Team also installed a high-quality polyaspartic garage floor coating in the color Chocolate Chip. Contact our Dream Team to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today! 

Garage Floor Coating Removal and Installation In Tulsa, OK

Our professionals are experts in the removal and installation of garage floor coatings. Our Coatings are a high-quality 100% polyaspartic coating that is warranty-protected. A business owner in Tulsa, OK hired Hello Garage of Tulsa to upgrade the flooring in his commercial building. Contact our Garage Gurus and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today!

Garage Floor Revamping In Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK Homeowner scheduled a free estimate with Hello Garage of Tulsa. He was interested in revamping the flooring of his two-car garage. Our Garage Gurus provided him with an assortment of floor coating options to choose between. Our floor coating options come in a broad range of colors to suit your aesthetic, plus it's durable and warranty-protected. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation. 

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